I’m Eric Munsing, a PhD student at UC Berkeley in the Energy Controls and Applications Lab. I’m graduating in Winter 2017/18 and looking for opportunities in cleantech, big data, or quantitative finance.

I love data, economics, and solving hard problems. My research explores optimal bidding and energy market design, using mathematical optimization and machine learning. I’m particularly interested in how decentralized algorithms can work with blockchains to coordinate resources owned by different people.

This blog is intended to help you understand my research. I try to have a mix of expository articles, tutorials, and reflections on projects I’ve been involved with.  For more info on my background, check out my publications and CV.

I work mostly in Python, an easy-to-learn programming language. I also speak Matlab, Javascript, R, German, and a bit of Russian.

When I’m not at my desk, I’m often out running, cycling, climbing, or skiing. I try to live passionately and fully- whether in work or at home. For more about me, you can check out:

@Ecomunsing – Tweets and scribbles

LinkedIn – Want to hire me?

Github – (a tiny part of) my codebase

StackOverflow – I try to be helpful. Sometimes it works.

SummitForDays – A blog about my outdoor pursuits.

Instagram – Sunsets, sunrises, and in-betweens.

Strava – Follow my adventures!


Email me if there are questions I didn’t cover here!