The following are papers and publications I’ve worked on. For more details, see my CV and resume.

Munsing, E., Mather, J. “Blockchain Microgrids: Decentralized Optimization and Energy Markets”, (2017) Conference on Control Technology and Applications (submitted)

LeFloch, C., Munsing, E “Flexibility Estimation in Consumer Electricity Consumption”, (2017) Applied Energy (in preparation)

Mather, J., Munsing, E. “Robust Strategic Bidding in Electricity Networks”, (2017), American Controls Conference

Munsing, E., Cowell, M. “Optimal Design of Dual-Reservoir Energy Storage System Through Particle Swarm Optimization”, (2016) PowerMEMS Conference)

Munsing, E., Berger, M., Moura, S. “Optimal Sizing and Dispatch of Transmission-Scale Storage Systems” Applied Energy (in review)

Etheridge, T., Koffler, C., Munsing, E. “A Modular Approach to LCA: The Process and Results Applied to Hewlett-Packard’s Imaging Products”, (2013) American Center for Life Cycle Assessment LCA XIII Conference

Lodal, J., Munsing, E., Saraev, A. “Cutting the Costs of LCA: The Case of Laser Printers”, (2012) American Center for Life Cycle Assessment LCA XII Conference

Munsing, E., Herrmann, C., Canepa, P. “Developments in Impact Assessment Tools for the Electronics Industry”, (2010) American Center for Life Cycle Assessment LCA X Conference