Banquet room for Global Blockchain summit

Wanxiang Global Blockchain Challenge Winners!

Great news- our proposal for a decentralized blockchain-based energy scheduling system won 2nd place in the Wanxiang Global Blockchain Challenge, the first step to getting our research out of the ivory tower and into industry!

Our proposal outlines an approach to creating the energy network which will power Wanxiang’s 90,000-person smart city (a 5-year, $30B project). Competing with 38 other teams, our proposal took second place, with first place in the category going to BrainBot, a German blockchain consultancy.

Banquet room for Global Blockchain summit

The stage at the Global Blockchain Summit, right before Jon and Melissa walked onto stage!

Jon Mather and Melissa Mokhtari flew to Shanghai to present our vision at the Global Blockchain Summit, a conference featuring the winners from each of the categories. ¬†Pitching to a banqet hall packed with venture capitalists, blockchain engineers, and infrastructure experts, the pair couldn’t have asked for a better audience, and got some great questions and feedback. ¬†With live translation and three sets of floor-to-ceiling screens, it was a grand reception for our research!

Awards Ceremony with category winners

Great to see our name up there next to established startups!

We walked away with a $10,000 prize and a rolodex full of contacts with venture capitalists who are investing in blockchains- many of whom see value for our approach, either as a general platform for the future of energy or a tactical solution for specific problems that they’re currently facing.

A huge thanks to Melissa, Mashiat, Yudi, Calvin, and Ronen on the Blockchain@Berkeley team who pitched in to make this proposal come together, and congratulations to all the other teams!

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